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This game requires the use of a Wii Remote and either the Nunchuck or Classic Controller attachment. If you use the Nunchuck, you will play in standard tandem with the Wi Remote. If you use the Classic Controller, you will not use the Wii Remote.

Gamepad icon.png
Select controller:
Wii Remote & Nunchuck, Classic Controller
Control Action
Neutral nunchuk Move the Boy
A button Jump, Perform actions (when icon is indicated).
B button Throw bean. Hold and use Movement controls to aim, then release to throw.
Z button Removes transformations and calls the Blob to you. If the Blob cannot reach you, try using repeatedly.
C button Hold to open Bean Menu. Use Movement controls to select a bean, then release to commit.
The Bean Menu also shows the status of a level's Treasure Chests.
Up dpad Hug the Blob.
Down dpad Scold the Blob. This makes him stay in place.
Right dpad Move the camera to the Blob.
Left dpad Toggle direction of transformation.
Plus button Pause the game. Press 1 button while paused to abandon the stage and return to your Hideout.