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  • Permanent boost: You gain 1 STR for every 4 animals you add to the logbook of The Test of The Safari. Maximum permanent Strength is 7.
  • Controls how much weight you may carry. If you have positive or 0 strength, you can carry 500 + (500 * str) weight. If you have negative or 0 strength, you can carry 500 / (1 - str) weight.
  • Increases the effect of each wind of a deep well (by 1+str). (T1 info)
  • Governs the timer used when separating Coconut Meat and Coconut Water.
  • Mixing cement triggers a strength timer in addition to the endurance timer.


  • Permanent boost: You gain 1 DEX for every four Acrobat moves you learn. Maximum permanent Dexterity is 7.
  • Controls how much bulk you may carry. Formulas are the same as for Strength and Weight.
  • Higher dexterity seems to increase the chances of producing a rabbit pelt when slaughtering rabbits. (T1 info)
  • Increases your off-road running speed by 3% per Dexterity point. Bonus dissipates if carrying more than 1000 bulk.


  • Permanent boost: (not available yet)
  • Temporary boost: Eating Grilled Fish raises END to +2 for roughly 2.5 minutes. You can also cook meals to gain stronger or longer (but still temporary) effects
  • Governs your endurance timer, which is triggered by many activities, including the use of a loom, mine, barrel grinder, stirring cement, or digging. High endurance is greatly desired for these activities.
  • Gained from progressing in Takeskot in Tale 1.


  • Permanent boost: You gain 1 SPD every time you're in the top 21 at The Test Of The Singing Cicada. Maximum permanent Speed is 21.
  • Increases your on-road running speed.
  • Increases the size of fish catches, gives you a chance of not losing bees when harvesting from an apiary, and reduces the time you need to wait when bottling wines.


  • Permanent boost: Gained from progressing in The Test of Darkest Night. Maximum permanent Constitution is 7.
  • Governs a timer used in the operation of a Toxin Kitchen.
  • Governs the timer used when smoking the Hookah pipe.
  • Governs the timer used in making Gunpowder.


  • Permanent boost: Gained from judging Thought puzzles. Maximum permanent Focus is 7.
  • Governs the timer used when tapping bore rods.
  • Governs the timer used when inspecting installed blades in a carpentry shop.


  • Permanent boost: Gained from Food, Wine, Beer and Herb Smoking. Maximum permanent Perception is 7.
  • Required for quarrying various marbles - see Rock of the Ages.
  • Random boost to harvesting from trees.