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Button Action
Neutral dpad Move Edgeworth
A button
  • Examine objects
  • Talk to characters
  • Advance through dialogues/testimonies
  • Confirm selection
B button
  • Hold to run
  • Go back through testimony statements
  • Cancel selection
  • Go back through menus
  • Hold to advance quickly through dialogues, where possible
X button
  • Talk to your partner during investigations
  • Present evidence during testimonies
  • Connect logic
  • Deduce during examining of objects
  • Zoom in when using the 3D viewer
Y button
  • Hold to activate microphone where available
  • Zoom out when using the 3D viewer
L button
  • Open Logic menu during investigations
  • Press during testimonies
R button
  • Open Organizer
  • Switch between Evidence and Profiles
Start button Save game

All actions also have a Touch Screen equivalent that is performed with Stylus button.