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PS4 Xbox One Windows Action
Up lstick Up lstick 1 Pitch down
Down lstick Down lstick 3 Pitch up
Left lstick or Right lstick Left lstick or Right lstick A or D Roll left/right
Neutral rstick Neutral rstick 8
R3 button R button V Change View
L3 button+R3 button L button+R button G Flare
Cross button A button LCtrl or PC Mouse Left Click.png Fire machine gun
Circle button B button Space or PC Mouse Right Click.png Fire missile/weapon
Triangle button Y button Tab Change target
Square button X button C or PC Mouse Middle Click.png Change weapon
L1 button LB button S Decelerate
R1 button RB button W Accelerate
L2 button LT button Q Yaw left
R2 button RT button E Yaw right
Touchpad button View button R Toggle radar map display
Options button Menu button Esc Pause