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Level 10[edit]


An easy, yet quick level. Quickly (but not too quickly; wait for the spider to get hit) walk on the dirt and get out of the way. The ball will fall in the teleporter. Follow it.

Level 11[edit]

Password: LZ8NT4Q08ID

Quickly push the block onto the bug. Walk on all of the dirt except the dirt near the bug. Walk on this dirt and run behind the rock. Wait for the bug to head past you, then push the rock on him. Push the ball into the teleporter and follow it.

Level 12[edit]

Password: LQAX1SK2COU

Wait where you start for the bug to go to the key and come back. When he gets out of your way (it follows the right-hand wall), run around the spiral to the key. Walk across the dirt and all the way down. Step on the dirt farthest right and get out of the way for the first two balls to fall into the teleporter. Do the same for the second and third columns, pushing the bottom ball in first each time. Teleport out.

Level 13[edit]

Password: LLHZ72UK8HK

Go out of the dirt and wait for the bug to pass you. Hurry around and get the key. Push the bottom block all the way left, the next one all the way right, and continue in this pattern until you get to the ball, which will fall right in. Follow it.

Level 14[edit]

Password: LS5T36D2OIZ

Run around and without stepping on any dirt, push the ball onto the dirt to the right. Push it right again, all the time avoiding the bugs. Go over the dirt and push it right so it falls nearly next to the teleporter. Push it in the teleporter and go in yourself.

Level 15[edit]

Password: L9LLPJ7IYOG

Go all the way down and wait for the spider to get next to the explosives. Push the rock on the first explosives, killing the spider. Go over the key and dirt, push the ball into the teleporter, and teleport out.

Level 16[edit]

Password: LN7UL3Y1R26

Push the explosives down, opening up a whole area. Walk on the dirt all the way to the ball. Let the ball fall down one and push the rock on the bug when it's in the middle. Walk on all of the dirt except the dirt just below the ball. Push it right (it will fall) and left into the teleporter. Follow it.

Level 17[edit]

Password: LU2OEUXJ7PD

Push the middle explosives over and get out of the way. Do the same for the other side. Push both balls into the teleport.

Level 18[edit]


Step on all of the dirt in your little area, except the dirt below the explosives. Drop the explosives (using spacebar) on the brick wall. The bugs will act weirdly; when you get the chance and the outside bug is on the far right wall, get the key. Escape out of the area through this opening, then quickly step on the dirt below the ball. Run all the way down, then over one, so the ball will fall in the teleporter. Teleport out.

Level 19[edit]

Password: LMI9Q0V7YLC

Walk on all of the dirt above the explosives. Push the block left, releasing the spider. Go around him (he's slow) and get the key. Avoid him again, then go through where the keyhole was and push the bottom block into the gap. Push the other two on top of it, then push the balls into the teleporter and teleport out.