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Level 20[edit]

Password: LZ3B61609YX

Push the left ball left four. Push the left rock on top of it and the explosives on top of that. Get the key. Go to the dirt near the spider. Get the dirt farthest right of this area and use space to get the dirt next to the spider. Run. Avoiding the spider, push the two balls into the teleporter. You can use the other rock to kill the spider. Remember, you are timed.

Level 21[edit]

Password: LY7NMKO3NTA

When the bug is on the right side, run all the way through, getting the key. Run to the bottom left corner and release the left rock. Push the other rock to the end of the row without disturbing the bug (don't make the rock fall yet). When the bug is below the rock, push it onto the bug. Teleport away.

Level 22[edit]

Password: LI09FKPOSZS

Run to the right end of the area. Wait for the spiders to catch up with you, then dash to the key and through the keyhole. Go through the dirt and push the explosives left. Push each ball into the teleporter, quickly running back each time (so the spiders don't get out). Once you've gotten the fourth in, teleport out.

Level 23[edit]


Push the right explosives over three and push the rock on top of them. Push the ball that falls onto the dirt practically next to it and push the other explosives all the way right. Walk on the dirt in front of the teleporter and push each ball in.

Level 24[edit]

Password: LOS3V0GL7UM

Go all the way to the right lower corner. Go left eight and up. Get in between the two rock stacks. Push one rock on the right all the way right. Go up two and push the top block left, on top of the bug when he's at the bottom. Go straight right, ignoring the ball for now. Push the left lower block right and run all the way down and to the left. Push the block that falls behind you all the way right, go around to the left side of the ball and push it into the teleporter, following it.

Level 25[edit]

Password: L2COJK7A61H

Quickly push the two rockes to the lef and right. Drop all other rocks on the bees as they are moving up, trying to get as many of them killed in a single chain. After cleaning up, move the energy into the teleporter.

Level 26[edit]

Password: LHF7OCYW3F5

Clear out exactly four grass tiles from below the rocks. Then release the rocks one column at a time.

Level 27[edit]

Password: LRUAE8QL8S6

Level 28[edit]

Password: LOOPT8S9DPK

Level 29[edit]

Password: LEBBCD26RKT