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Energizer Ball Rock Explosive Barrel
Dirt Brick Wall Steel Wall Bee
Spider Empty Space Door Key

Name Image Behavior
Acno Acno'sEnergizer 0Acno.png This is you.
Energizer Acno'sEnergizer 1Energizer.png Get all the balls in here to energize it. Then get in to finish the level.
Ball Acno'sEnergizer 2Ball.png Push these into the energizer to energize it.
Rock Acno'sEnergizer 3Rock.png These can be pushed, which can also be used to kill baddies. Watch out-they can kill you too!
Explosive Barrel Acno'sEnergizer 4ExplosiveBarrel.png Barrels explode when they hit the ground.
Dirt Acno'sEnergizer 5Dirt.png Can be removed.
Brick Wall Acno'sEnergizer 6BrickWall.png Can be destroyed
Steel Wall Acno'sEnergizer 7SteelWall.png Cannot be destroyed
Bee Acno'sEnergizer 8Bee.png Simple enemy
Spider Acno'sEnergizer 9Spider.png Spiders are smarter about how they move. They follow Acno.
Empty Space Acno'sEnergizer 10EmptySpace.png Anything can be here.
Door Acno'sEnergizer 11Door.png Locked until you find the key.
Key Acno'sEnergizer 12Key.png They key opens the door.