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This is a list of all playable commanders in Advance Wars: Days of Ruin. As you progress though story mode, more COs will becoming available on top of your starting 4 (Will, Brenner, Lin, Isabella).

Names and descriptions below may differ depending on the version of the game.

(Names are as follows: NA/JP/EU. However, some names in the EU version are the same as in the JP version.)

12th Battalion / 12th Independence Company / 12th Independent Legion[edit]

A group of breakaway of former Rubinelle military personal led by Brenner who's cause is to saving as many of the survivors of the meteor strikes as possible.

Will / Ed[edit]

Fraction 12th Battalion
Quote 'Never give up hope!'
Description Former Rubinelle military cadet. Joined the 12th battalion after being rescued by Brenner. Idolizes Brenner.
CO Zone Size 2 Boosts Type Direct Attack Ground Units
Effect Attack +20%
CO Power Name New Era / Rally Cry
Description Boosts mobility of direct ground units +2.

Brenner / Brown / O'Brian[edit]

Fraction 12th Battalion
Quote 'People need our help.'
Description Captain of the 12th Battalion. Has faith in the goodness of humanity. Feels strong duty to help anyone that is in trouble.
CO Zone Size 3 Boosts Type All Units
Effect Defence +20%
CO Power Name Reinforce / Lifeline
Description HP+3 recovery for all units.


Fraction 12th Battalion
Quote 'In battle, the clearest thinker wins.'
Description The 12th Battalion second-in-command. Does her utmost to assist Brenner in his mission. A formidable tactian, she has difficulty expressing her emotions.
CO Zone Size 1 Boosts Type Ground Units
Effect Attack +20%, Defence +20%
CO Power Name Scout / Night Vision
Description +2 To all ground unit vision range. Hiding spaces revealed within vision range.

Isabella / Cattleya / Catleia[edit]

Fraction 12th Battalion
Quote 'I can't remember anything.'
Description Has no memory of her past. Rescued by Will, she joined the 12th Battalion and is always by his side. Her dreams is to live in peace with Will and the others.
CO Zone Size 2 Boosts Type All Units
Effect Attack +10%, Defence +10%
CO Power Name Deep Strike / Overlord
Description +2 mobility to all units and +2 range for indirect attack units.

Lazurian Army / Sapphirus Federation Army / Zephyrian Army[edit]

Enemy of Rubinelle before the meteor strike. The surviving forces binded together, by three commanders to continue the century war with Rubinelle until joining the 12th Battalion.

Forsythe / Carlyle / Carter[edit]

Fraction Lazurian Army
Quote 'I am a soldier, not a killer.'
Description Lazurian Army Commander. Called out of retirement to defend his nation. Wants the Lazuria people to be free to live in peace. Was killed by Grayfield.
CO Zone Size 5 Boosts Type All Units
Effect Attack +10%, Defence +10%
CO Power Name None
Description None

Tasha / Atley / Zadia[edit]

Fraction Lazurian Army
Quote 'I will have my revenge!'
Description Lazurian Army Commander. Stern and relentless in nature, she burns with desire to avenge her late brother John. Aims to make Rubinellens pay for what they did.
CO Zone Size 1 Boosts Type Air Units
Effect Attack +40%, Defence +20%
CO Power Name Sonic Boom / Fox One
Description Mobility +2 for all air units.

Gage / Trak[edit]

Fraction Lazurian Army
Quote 'It’s not my job to think about it. / They don't pay me to think.'
Description Lazurian Army Commander. A man of few words, he suppresses his emotions and opinions. A consummate professional, he aims to be the ideal soldier.
CO Zone Size 2 Boosts Type Sea & Indirect Units
Effect Attack +20%, Defence +10%
CO Power Name Long Shot / Long Barrel
Description Attack range +2 for all indirect attack units.

New Rubinelle Army / New Rubel Armed Forces / New Laurentian Army[edit]

The surviving army of Rubinelle is brought under the command of one Greyfield and his hired mercenary Waylon. Greyfield seeks to unite the world under him and has little care for his men or the civilian population.

Greyfield / Sigismund / Sigismundo[edit]

Fraction New Rubinelle Army
Quote 'The New Rubinelle Army will prevail! / I'll see you hanged for this!'
Description Ambitious and power hungry. Wants to destroy the Lazurian army and rule as the supreme global leader.
CO Zone Size 3 Boosts Type Sea Units, Ship Planes & Helicopters
Effect Attack +10%, Defence +40%
CO Power Name Supply Chain / High Command
Description Refills fuel, ammo, and materials for all units.

Waylon / Dieter / Finn[edit]

Fraction New Rubinelle Army
Quote 'Woo-Hoo!'
Description In New Laurentian Army. Destructive, egotistical and extremely vain. All he wants is freedom to do whatever he wants.
CO Zone Size 2 Boosts Type Air Units
Effect Attack +20%, Defence +30%
CO Power Name Wingman / Bad Company
Description Boosts the defense of his air units by 270%.

Intelligent Defense Systems (IDS)[edit]

Private military contractor which is the researcher, developer and supplier of the Rubinelle Lazuria war. Lead by Caulder and his network of science created cloned daughters & sons, he takes advantage of the world's devastation to carry out horrific experiments and satisfy his curiosity as a scientist.

Caulder / Berith / Stolos[edit]

Fraction IDS
Quote 'I am simply curious. / Fasinating.'
Description Head of the private military company IDS. Conducts inhuman experiments. All he wants is to be free to satisfy his curiosity.
CO Zone Size 3 Boosts Type All Units
Effect Attack +50%, Defence +50%, Restores 5 HP each day to damaged units.
CO Power Name None
Description None

Tabitha / Lieselotte / Larissa[edit]

Fraction IDS
Quote 'Stupid weak people! / At least put up a fight!'
Description Belongs to private military company IDS. Eldest daughter of Stolos. Extremely Cruel. Loves to toy with the weak before crushing them.
CO Zone Size 0 Boosts Type All Units
Effect Attack +50%, Defence +50%
CO Power Name Firestorm / Apocalypse
Description Causes 8 damage to all enemy units over a 5x5 diamond.

Penny / Romy / Lili[edit]

Fraction IDS
Quote Tee Hee Hee! / Tee Hee Hee! Let's go Mr. Bear!
Description Youngest child of Stolos. She is still too young to know right from wrong. Her mind is shattered due to various experiments.
CO Zone Size 3 Boosts Type All Units On Battlefield
Effect +10% attack, +10% defense; Units Unaffected By Weather
CO Power Name Stormfront / Enigma
Description Randomly changes the weather conditions for 3 days.