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Stage Chapter 3: Freehaven
Winning Condition Wipe out all enemy units
Losing Condition Lose all your units
Player Commander Opponent Commander
Name Brenner Name The Beast
Faction AWDoR Faction Icon 12th Battalion.png 12th Battalion Faction AWDoR Faction Icon Raiders.png Raiders
Strength Mech x2, Tank x2, Artillery x1 Strength Infantry x2, Bike x2, Recon x3, Tank x1, Artillery x1


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War Room Tactics[edit]

  • There's a narrow pass through the mountains at the top of the map. Position a tank and artillery there, but watch out for the enemy artillery.
  • Place your mechs in the mountains to make their attacks more effective.


First off, send you tanks up as far as they can go to attack the two infantry next to your mechs. Send your mechs up to attack the infantry units as well. Send your artillery into the gap in the mountains next to the road. End your turn.

An enemy recon should be in range of your artillery, so fire on it. Use a tank to finish the attack from south of the recon, and move the other right in front of it. Move the mech on the right to the mountain to the right of the artillery. Move the other mech to the left of the southern tank. End your turn.

Use your artillery to attack the tank that has come in range. Have the leftmost mech attack the westernmost recon. Then use the northernmost tank to finish it off. Have your other mech attack the last recon, and end your turn.

One of your mechs should be destroyed now. Move your other mech to destroy the last recon, and have the northernmost tank attack the artillery. Have your artillery attack the tank and destroy it. Have the 2nd tank move into the forest above your mech, to take maximum cover from the artillery. End your turn.

Have your tank closest to the artillery destroy it. Move the artillery to the left of the mech. Have your tank that was in the woods move below the nearest enemy bike, and attack it. Move the mech to finish it off. End your turn.

Have the southern tank move to the left of the bike and attack. Finish it off with the mech. Congratulations, you won! You should have received an S ranking by following this guide.