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On History you can get AWDoR Medal Small.png Medals for fulfillment certain Achievement (How many time played, how much units destroyed, etc). There is also three different Medals from Bronze to Silver and lastly Gold. In total there are about 270 AWDoR Medal Small.png Medals to grab. The Rank will also go up the more medals you collecting. From AWDoR Rank Icon 1.png to AWDoR Rank Icon 2.png and so on.

There is also 8 huge Medals to obtain:

  • Time Medal (Play the game for 50 hours)
  • S Rank Medal (Obtain 50 S Ranks)
  • Units Production Medal (Obtain 50 medals for units produced)
  • Units Destroyed Medal (Obtain 50 medals for units destroyed)
  • Multiplayer Medal (Obtain 4 medals in multicard/Wifi categories)
  • Maps Played Medal (Play on 150 maps)
  • Maps Cleared Medal (Clear 150 maps)
  • Gun Medal (Obtain five medals total in Talon Gun/Nest/Meteors destroyed)