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Stage Chapter 25:Lab Rats
Winning Condition Annihilation Victory or capture HQ
Losing Condition
Player Commander Opponent Commander
Name none at first, will within a few days Name Tabitha
Faction File:AWDoR Faction Icon 12th Battalion / 12th Independent Legion.png 12th Battalion / 12th Independent Legion Faction File:AWDoR Faction Icon IDS.png IDS
Strength {{{pstrength}}} Strength {{{ostrength}}}

In this mission the player has no CO for a few days and only has a few units available. Tabitha of the IDS attacks Tasha and Gage in will and lin's absence after the Great Owl crashes. you will only have a duster, a mech, a tank, a medium tank and an AA unit and all of them will be separated by plasma. Tabitha said once she rids them from the world her fathers experiments will be over and the world will belong to the IDS. During the battle Lin and the others survived and came back with additional rreinforcements and defeated Tabitha and she requested more toys but her father was angry. After the battle Will found Cyrus and he told Will about the Cure for the Creeper and Caulders HQ the nest. Cyrus died because of the poison that Caulder put into him.