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There are four weather conditions that can affect the battlefield that you are playing on.

  • Normal: The standard weather, has no special effects.
  • Rain: No matter if fog of war is on or not, the entire battlefield is covered in fog of war. Not only that, all units have a vision range of just 1 and all bases have no vision around them. Fog of war conditions apply.
  • Sandstorm: Reduces the attack for all units by 30%.
  • Snow: All units have -1 mobility.

CO Penny / Lili / Roumi 's CO effect is all to do about the weather. All her units are unaffected by the weather and her CO power will randomly change the weather conditions for 3 days. CO Lin / Rin can use her CO power to see through the rain.

There are four different map terrains:

  • Normal
  • Desert
  • Snow
  • Wasteland

Despite their names they do not have any special effects and merely change the look of the map you are on.