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The Advance Wars series has used abbreviations for its units since AW 1 on the GBA. They are generally very easy to figure out and exist only to save space. In addition gamers and message board posters have been using acronyms for commonly used terms.

Abbreviation Definition
A-Air Anti-Air.
AoE Area of Effect, attacks that hit all in a given area.
Artlry Artillery.
CO Commanding Officer. Also, CO Power meaning the first tier special ability.
dmg Damage.
FoW Fog of War.
HP Hit Points or Health Points. Both have the same meaning and use.
HQ Headquarters.
Inftry Infantry.
JPN Japan or Japanese, using JAP is considered offensive.
M Gun Machine Gun.
OHKO One Hit Knock Out, or Instant Kill.
SCO Super Commanding Officer. Usually in the form of SCO Power, meaning the second tier special ability.
TBS Turn Based Strategy .
Torps Torpedoes.