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Difficulty rating 2

Allied COs
Orange Star
Enemy COs
Black Hole

This is a fairly simple and straight forward map. Your army will be capable of destroying the enemy with ease, but the enemy has yet another trick up their sleeves. The Black Boat. It's dubbed the APC of the sea, being able to transport two infantry at a time, supply units, and repair them! However, like the APC, it is a non-combat unit so a battleship or sub can take them out with ease, good thing we have one. Any CO will work, but I'd skip over Colin and Sasha since it is a predeployed map. This map also has a map to the research lab for the Black boat, capturing the map isn't essential but it's not hard to do so. Now that we've begun, submerge your submarine and head toward the damaged battleship. The black boats will repair it if you don't destroy it. Move your land troops forth to the enemy's side but if you want to go for a HQ capture place a tank and one infantry in your lander, then set sail to the enemy's HQ on the island. Continue to move your troops in. The map is in the neutral city right next to the northern bridge. Once you've captured this map, you can continue to fight. Win by killing all of the enemies or through HQ capture.