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Jake's Trial

Difficulty rating 1

Allied COs
Orange Star
Enemy COs
Blue Moon

This is the first mission. Rachel will guide you through most of it but... Select your tank unit and move it into the woods next to Rachel's tank and select fire. The animation will play, press any button to cancel it. Now select your mech (the soldier holding a bazooka) and move it into the road next to the tank. Select fire and the mech should finish up with the tank. Now select the last unit, the infantry (soldier holding a rifle) and move it toward the west end where the enemies are. Press A button on any piece of terrain, and select end at the bottom. Rachel will take her turn and move her infantry toward your units. It is your turn once again. Move the mech up and attack the infantry. Finish it off with the tank, and use your remaining infantry to attack her remaining infantry. End your turn, Rachel will take her turn, and then finish her infantry off with any unit next turn.