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Difficulty rating 2

Allied COs
Orange Star
Enemy COs
Black Hole

Now that you've gotten a general feel of the game, I'll follow by giving you a more general guide of it. In the lower right corner of the map, you have a bunch of Battle Copter. These are air units and will be very important to you here. Ignore Max's advice to ignore the Black Bomb and spread out all the battle copters. Now load your infantry into the Transport Copter and set up your remaining units in a barricade. The next turn the bomb will fly at a battle copter and detonate, knocking off 5 from all units in its range. The next turn, if more than one battle copters are hurt by the bomb, join them following Max's orders. Move the battle copters up toward HQ to hold your ground, attack the tanks and the Medium Tanks. Send the transport copter toward the Black Hole headquarters and drop it off when you get there. Continue to hold your ground at HQ, and capture their headquarters to win the battle.