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Difficulty rating 2.5

Allied COs
Orange Star
Recommended CO
Jake, Max, or Colin
Enemy COs
Black Hole

This map is the first game using the dual strike feature, where two COs work on one team, switching to match the needs of their army. Sadly, it is the enemy that is using this feature. This is another deployment map, but you will be able to make a wider range of units, including missiles, rockets, medium tanks, and neotanks. Any CO will work for this mission, but I chose Colin for his ability to put units on the battlefield fast. Build some infantry and set them to capturing. Build a tank and place it at the edge of the piperunner's range of fire. When you can, move up next to it and begin firing until it is destroyed. Move infantry in to capture the base. Once you've captured the base to the right of your base, build units to secure and capture the island with the airport. Capturing the two bases at the middle of the map is immensely useful, you will be able to deploy units to the battle faster as well as supplying backup faster. If you have captured the airport, build battle copters to attack their light units. Continue to deploy units and move in to their base. The enemy doesn't have many properties within easy reach, so you should be able to defeat them easily. During the battle, the enemy COs will use their tag ability. It will let them go two times, each time with one of their CO powers. It shouldn't be too much of a problem though.