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Difficulty rating 2

Allied COs
Orange Star
Enemy COs
Black Hole

You may think that this mission is going to be hard at the first glance because of Black Hole's quantity of units. Actually it's not. The key of winning this mission is to use Rachel's SCOP when she reached her Tag Power & Sasha's COP before Jugger and Koal unleash their Tag Power. Try to save Sasha's funds as much as you can. Orange star should attacks Black hole's high vision units and their black boats, while advancing tank and soldiers north east and indirects south east. Beware of incoming units from north. Sasha should use her cruiser and submarine to destroy Black hole's submarines, and her battleship to do demage to heavy units and fills her COP meter. Use your COP when Black holes have their both SCOP meters full. To prevent Black Hole from using their Tag Power faster, also try to target cheaper units first. Orange Star should unleash their tag power afterwards. After that just capture the lab or finish the others.