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Difficulty rating 1

Allied COs
Orange Star
Enemy COs
Black Hole

This mission introduces indirect firing units. At the top, there will be three Black Hole tanks. Below it and across the river are two Artillery units. Indirect units can strike from a distance without being counter-attacked. However, vice versa, if they are attacked they won't be able to counter-attack so keep them guarded with direct firing units. They also cannot fire and move in the same turn, so you will need to set them up ahead of time. Select the one from the right, don't move it, and select fire. Fire on any of the tanks. Now move the artillery from the left and move it a space to the right. Now, about the APC and infantry, select the damaged infantry and move it down into the APC, then move the APC toward your HQ. Move your tank down the road and end your turn. Black Hole will move their tanks through the woods and end their turn. Now that your artillery are in position, fire on their tanks. Continue moving the tank toward the Black Hole tanks and the APC toward HQ. Drop the damaged infantry off at the HQ. End your turn now. Once it is your turn, fire on both tanks with your artillery and move the tank further up. End your turn. Now that is your turn again, use your tank to finish off the enemy tank.