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Difficulty rating 2

Allied COs
Orange Star
Enemy COs
Black Hole

This is a naval and ground battle which introduces a lot of new units, all of them naval units, there are


Naval combat is the focus of this battle. Use your rocket and your battleship to take down the enemy cruiser, then move your submarine forward toward the battleship and submerge it. Fly your battle copter to the mainland of the enemy headquarters and fire on the tank, make sure that no part of the sea is next to it, otherwise the cruiser could destroy it. When it's the enemies turn, watch their submarine. It will very likely submerge, if you watch it, you can see the point where it submerges, that will be where it is. The next turn, use your sub to fire on the battleship, move a naval unit next to the sub then fire on it with the cruiser, and continue to attack the land units with your battle ship and attack the rockets with the copter. The next turn, finish off the rocket, the sub, and the battle ship. Then, continue to destroy all the enemy units.