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Difficulty rating 3

Allied COs
Orange Star
Recommended COs
Bottom Screen : Jake or Colin
Top Screen : Max
Enemy COs
Black Hole

Another one of the dual things. This time around, we have two battlefields. Let’s see what the battle is like. Up on the top screen, it looks pretty hopeless, three fighters against six fighters as well as four minicannons. These will upon anything in its range of fire and deal three damage to a unit, but will never destroy it. We'll take care of that problem though. On the bottom to the right, there is a black crystal. It will restore two hitpoints and resupply any units within two spaces of it. In the middle, there is a factory which brings us to the top screen again. The black arc on the top screen will every day drop a bomb that reduces all of your unit’s hitpoints to one. When the AI on the top screen destroys all of the minicannons, the black arc will stop dropping bombs. Also note on the bottom screen there is a sandstorm. It will reduce the range of indirect units by one. I'd recommend Colin for the top slot for the bottom battle and Max for the bottom slot for the top battle. Begin. Move some but not all of your planes to some random place and select the send button. Use the infantry to capture stuff and finish. The AI will move the planes forth and attack some minicannons. Continue to press forward. You can't do much in terms of destroying the crystal until you destroy the Black Arc, so you'll have to stop when you get to about the factory otherwise the bombs will destroy your army. Continue to send planes up to fight the Black Arc. Once you have destroyed the Black Arc, move an army of neotanks and an anti-air to the black crystal. Destroy all of the units, they are mostly air unit counters and then attack the crystal until it shatters.