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Box artwork for AdventureQuest Worlds.
Box artwork for AdventureQuest Worlds.
AdventureQuest Worlds
Developer(s)Artix Entertainment
Publisher(s)Artix Entertainment
Year released2008
System(s)Adobe Flash
Rating(s)ESRB Everyone 10+
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AdventureQuest Worlds is Artix Entertainment's first MMOG. It was created in 2008. It is a turn-based RPG with a target audience of players ages 13 and above. Players under 13 may go to the Moglin Safe Chat Servers. Adventure Quest Worlds is free to play, but there are incentives to upgrade your account by paying real money to get more features within the virtual world. Having an upgraded account, or being a "legend," requires you to spend a monthly renewal fee, otherwise, your legendary status will be provoked. You may gain it back at any time.

The game maintains low age rating by not including and censoring offensive material. An Adventure Quest Worlds player may be banned for any rude or discriminating language. Beginners will find that the game is not dark or violent, and that the environment is actually a cute world with small monsters called sneevils, resembling that of a small goblin. Overall, gameplay is fairly simple: attack monsters, gain levels, get gold, buy things, attack stronger monsters, gain levels, finish the campaign, gain more levels, and so on. As players spend time in the game, they level up, allowing them to equip various pieces of new armor. Players can also receive tasks, known as quests, from NPCs ( Non-Player Characters ) to earn additional rewards which are usually 100 XP ( EXP ) and Gold. There are also some NPCs, usually called trainers, that allow you to buy special pieces of armor that work the same way classes do in other MMOs.

The game is available internationally and published in Americian English. Unlike many MMOs, each account may only contain one character, but you're able to create multiple accounts and connect them all to one main Artix Entertainment account.

Although beginners may at first think the game is all about leveling up and hunting monsters, AQWorlds is also a place to socialize. There are now multiple servers that allow all players to chat freely. On the server list, look to the left, and look for "chat- enabled". If it has a dragon symbol, then only legends may join the server. There are phrases that are programmed into the game already so that you can still communicate at a basic level.

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