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There are many classes in AQ worlds. They can be separated in two categories: Member classes and non-member classes. If you have paid for a membership for either AQ worlds or have an upgraded account in either Adventure Quest, Dragonfable, or Mechquest, you can use Member classes. There is an exception. People who played on alpha testing can use some of the member classes. For example, if someone played in alpha testing, he would get an Alpha Berzerker armor.

Getting class armor[edit]

In general, the way you get your armor is to head to Battleon and purchase it. For non-member classes you can buy armor in the Class shop for 1,000 Gold (except for Barber and Ninja), and for member classes you buy it as an upgrade in the Upgrade shop for 5,000. Certain classes receive their armor in other ways, such as by completing quests or picking up enemy loot.

Non-Member Classes
Class Method Gold
Warrior Class shop 1000
Mage Class shop 1000
Rogue Class shop 1000
Healer Class shop 1000
Barber Class shop 15000
Ninja Class shop 15000
Pirate Complete Elissa Keelhaul's quests on the Lolosia Pirate Ship 5000
Rustbucket Complete Protosartarium Parts quest at the Crash Site. N/A
Enforcer Dropped by Mithril Man at the Crash Site N/A
Leprechaun Special holiday class N/A
Member Classes
Class Method Gold
Berserker Upgrade shop 5000
Paladin Master Warlord and Acolyte armors by ranking them up to rank 10. Then complete Artix's quests in Swordhaven. N/A
Warlord Upgrade shop 5000
Sorcerer Upgrade shop 5000
Renegade Upgrade shop 5000
Acolyte Upgrade shop 5000
Assassin Upgrade shop 5000
Beast-Warrior Upgrade shop 5000
Protosartorium Dropped by Protosartorium. N/A
Clawsuit Given as a present to members in 2008. N/A

Earning money[edit]

Don't think too hard. These are farming tips. Follow which you think is the best to you.

  • Kill Jack Sprat
  1. Go to the Cemetery and move to Jack Sprat's Grave.
  2. There will always be a group of people. With them, kill Jack Sprat. 75 Gold per battle!
  • Kill Ironhide
  1. Go to the Orctown.
  2. Go to Thrak's Hideout. There's always a group of people. With them, kill Ironhide. Each battle is 95 gold.
  • Kill Shark Bait
  1. Go to Lolosia Pirate Ship
  2. Go to Sharks Lair. There's usually a group of people. With them kill Shark Bait.
  • Kill Skeletal Soldiers
  1. Go to the bridge.
  2. Usually nobody is there. Kill the Skeletal Soldiers. Each battle is 50 gold. But still extremely fast to get.
  • Abaddon (upgraded members only)
  1. Go to the Club House, enter, go left, enter portal, go right.
  2. Fight with other people against Abbadon. He drops around 62 gold per battle plus the chance of an Ultra rare drop of either his Balor's Cruelty (Sword), His Mask, or a mace.
  • You can also just type /join twilight.