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The Vasalkar Lair contains Wyverns, different-colored Draconians, and the extremely powerful Red Dragon, Vasalkar. Vasalkar is fought in groups in order to be brought down, since it is so powerful.

  • Wyverns have 800 HP and 30 MP (Level 8)
  • Water Draconians have 2000 HP and 30 MP (Level 9)
  • Purple, Venom, and Bronze Draconians have 2200 HP and 30 MP (Level 15)
  • Dark and Gold Draconians have 2500 HP and 30 MP (Level 15)
  • The Red Dragon, Vasalkar, has 20000 HP and 30 MP (Level 20)

Galanoth is in Vasalkar Lair. He gives out quests.

  • Dragonbane: You need 10 Dragonbane Ore
  • Dragon Scales: You need 5 Dragon Scales
  • Dragon Souvenirs: You need 3 Dragon Souvenirs
  • Dragonslayer: You need 1 Dragon Heart. This quest is Members-Only.
  • Dragonslayer Veteran: You need 8 Dragonslayer Veteran Medals.
  • Dragonslayer Sergeant: You need 8 Dragonslayer Sergeant Medals.
  • Dragonslayer Marshal: You need 8 Dragonslayer Marshal Medals.
  • Dragonslayer Reputation: You need 12 Dragonspirit Wisps. This quest is Members-Only.

Galanoth also has a shop, however, you need to do all the Non-member quests in order to unlock it.