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The path of the Healer is about kindness.

  • Can heal without the Heal Button.
  • Do not attack fast or hit high.


So far the healer class only has four abilities, all of which are associated with healing or benefiting the user and his/her party, with the exception of Heartbeat.

  • Healing Word: Heals a friendly character(Player) 2x the amount of damage your weapon deals.
    • Cost: 6 MP'Level 1'
  • Heartbeat: Deals damage equal to about 10% of the character's total HP (does not use any HP).
    • Cost: 4 MP'Level 2-3'
  • Clear Mind: Lowers the cost of spells for a friendly character(Player) by half for a brief time.
    • Cost: 2 MP'Level 4'
  • Energy Flow: Reflects 20% of friendly characters'(Players) damage back to the attacking enemy for 12 seconds.
    • Cost: 2 MP