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The Leprechaun suit is the luckiest armour. It has earned many awards including the blue diamond, the purple horseshoes....

  • Luckiest lot in the game.
  • Abilities such as Irish Blessing, Needlepoint and Patrick's Secret.
  • Irish
  • Do not damage as high as Berserker or Pirates.
  • Hard to get.
  • Only available on St Patrick's Day '09


Rank 1
  • Irish Blessing: Instantly cause 30% weapon damage, and apply a poison dealing 400% WDPS over 10s.
  • Cost: 6 mp
Rank 2
  • Needlepoint: Puncture the target's armour, increasing all damage dealt to the target by 15% for 8 seconds.
  • Cost: 4 mp
Rank 4
  • Ceili: Increases your chance to dodge by 40% for 14 seconds, but increases any damage taken by 50%.
  • Cost: 8 mp
Rank 8
  • Patrick's Secret: Grants next 6 attacks a chance to do extra damage.
  • Cost: 10 mp