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When you get to Battleon, the woman wearing a pink robe and pink hood, Cleric Joy, will give you option to "Visit the King" when you talk to her. Do so and you'll be taken to Swordhaven, and shown a short cutscene.

Sir Pass[edit]

Sir Pass is the guard lying down by the gates. He gives you one quest.

Quest 1[edit]

  • Enter the Gates
    • 4 Defeated Fire Mages


Artix is the man on top of the pile of stones. He has three quests for you.

Quest 1[edit]

  • Undead Assault (Storyline)
    • 10 Slain Skelaton Soldiers

Quest 2[edit]

  • Skull Crusher Mountain (Storyline)
    • 8 Frozen Boneheads

Quest 3[edit]

  • The Undead Giant(Storyline)
    • 1 Undead Giants Sword