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To cook press A in front of the stove. Recipe will allow you to cook from Siela's recipe book. Original will allow you to cook freely by selecting 1 to 4 special mats. Once you have successfully made an original recipe, it will be added under Recipe. For example, Salt, Eggplant, and Hands would make Salted Eggplant. What if you try salting different vegetables in the same way? A large aspect of making new recipes is finding hints and experimenting. Try substituting mats. You can gain hint recipes by obtaining new mats, tools, or by talking to people. Discover new recipes this way and broaden your menu list.

The blue writing under recipe are hint recipes. You will see ??? under Recipe. Here, you can create a new recipe by filling the missing mat or tool.

Once you have made some dishes talk to Kamerina to make them available or open the bar. When you open the bar the day's sales will be shown and then the day will end. The profits can be used to invest in the business or yourself.


Once you have access to Ostenlein you can finally use the seed items that monsters have been dropping. Bring the seeds to the farmer and they will be delivered to the bar once grown. Try to always have something growing since it is a consistent and nearly free source of mats.

Growing stronger[edit]

Eating food will earn EXP that will raise your character level. When you eat it adds to your fullness. Every day each character can eat until at a maximum of 99 full. Defeating monsters earns EP which is used for learning skills. It is good to both eat and sell things at the bar every day.


You can only enter 1 dungeon per day. In the beginning only Brusso Meadows will be available. By touching objects in the dungeon you can pick up mats. The mats will return after 1 day in the game. Mats you can find in a dungeon may vary depending on the season. If an acquired mats name is red it means you have the max amount of 99 in your inventory.

Combat is turn based and you can have up to 3 people in your party.


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