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The Capital of Cassel Kingdom, Casselburg[edit]

This is the town Siela begins her journey in and where her bar is stationed. There is a shop on the west side of town where Fred sells basic Mats, such as veggies and grains, as well as a few items and equipment. On the east side of Casselburg, you can find the cathedral, School of Witchcraft, and the rival restaurant "Cassel Garden". A Peddler will visit your town every 5 days once you have visited "Port City of Lar" who will sell seafood, among other things. North of your bar is the castle, where there is a cooking competition every 10 days. Participating allows you to rank up your bar.


This is a village to the north of Casselburg, housing the "No. 1 Shop" which sells Meat and Dairy items, as well as more powerful equipment. South of the No. 1 Shop is the farm, where you can grow 5 seeds at a time. They are delivered to your farm 5 days after planting.

Port City of Lar[edit]

This is a fishing village, where most of its inhabitants are fishermen. There is a shop here that sells seafood. To the east of the shop, there is a lighthouse.