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Floor 1-1[edit]

Strategy Agility
  1. Collect the Heart Frame on the right for two egg shots.
  2. Shoot the Snakey and push it aside, or shoot it twice to remove it from the screen.
  3. Head up and collect the last Heart Frame, and then collect the key.

Floor 1-2[edit]

Strategy ★★ Agility
  1. Starting with the Heart Frame in the lower left corner of the room, work your way around the room in a clockwise direction, collecting each of the Heart Frames.
  2. You should end with the Heart Frame in the lower right corner. Once you collect this, the Gols will wake up.
  3. Push the Emerald Frame to the left until it is one space away from the left wall. Then push it up in front of the Gol along that wall. Then collect the key.

Floor 1-3[edit]

Strategy ★★ Agility
  1. Collect the nearest Heart Frame for two egg shots. Then walk up to the Snakey and shoot it twice to remove it from the screen.
  2. Collect the next heart below you, and walk out to the left, and up so that you are standing to the right of either tree (it doesn't matter which one.)
  3. Wait for the Leeper to make it all the way around and touch you to fall asleep.
  4. Collect the remaining Heart Frames around the edge of the room, and collect the key.

Floor 1-4[edit]

Strategy ★★ Agility
  1. Push the Emerald Frames above the bottom skull, and below the top skull, so that you trap the skulls into the rows below the rocks, so that they can't escape when they wake up.
  2. Collect the two Heart Frames along the left wall if you haven't do so already. You'll get two egg shots
  3. Walk to the right, and push the two Emerald Frames above and below the trapped skull to the left. Push the middle frame up or down, and then shoot the Skull twice to remove it.
  4. Collect the three Heart Frames behind the removed Skull, and then collect the key before that Skull has a chance to return.

Floor 1-5[edit]

Strategy Agility ★★
  1. Walk over to the Emerald Frame to the left of the lower left Heart Frame, and push it all the way in to the left. Collect the lower left Heart Frame.
  2. Watch out for the two Rockys as you walk up and collect the upper left Heart Frame. Don't allow yourself to get pinned in.
  3. Walk along the top wall to the right and push the Emerald Frame along the wall to the right in order to collect the upper right Heart Frame.
  4. Come down to the lower right corner and push the Emerald Frame all the way down to collect the lower right Heart Frame.
  5. Collect the key.