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Floor 2-1[edit]

Strategy Agility ★★
  1. Lure the Alma down to the bottom of the screen. Then run around the edge of the stage, collecting all of the Heart Frames in either a clockwise or counter-clockwise direction.
  2. After collecting the last Heart Frame, run down to the bottom, and get Alma to tuck into a ball and roll along the bottom of the stage while you run up and collect the key.

Floor 2-2[edit]

Strategy Agility
  1. Push the two inner Emerald Frames up two spaces, and push the two outer Emerald Frames away from the center one space so they rest below each Medusa.
  2. Collect the Heart Frames in any order that you like, just down walk above the Medusas, or between them and the outside wall. Then collect the key.

Floor 2-3[edit]

Strategy ★★ Agility ★★
  1. Walk up to the chest, and push both frames out one space towards the trees. Stand below the left one and push it up four spaces so that it sits to the left of the Don Medusa.
  2. Come back down and walk up along the left wall to collect the three Heart Frames on the left. Then push the left frame one space to the right, closer to the Don Medusa.
  3. Walk back down and repeat the same steps on the right side. Then collect the key.

Floor 2-4[edit]

Strategy Agility
  1. Start out by following the Rocky around the room in a clockwise direction as you collect all of the Heart Frames around the edge of the stage. By the time you collect the last frame, you should obtain the Hammer power-up.
  2. Walk to the boulder that is either to the left of, or above, the blocked in Heart Frame, and use the Hammer to access the frame. Collect it, and you will obtain two egg shots.
  3. Walk up to the Snakey, shoot it twice to remove it, and collect the last Heart Frame. Then walk over to collect the key.

Floor 2-5[edit]

Strategy ★★ Agility
  1. Grab the two Heart Frames near the top. The left one will give you two egg shots, and the remaining frames should start to flash. Use one egg shot on the Snakey, and push it up in front of the Skull.
  2. Walk on to the grass where the Alma cannot reach you. Shoot it with the last shot to turn it into an egg. Then grab the Heart Frame in the lower left corner.
  3. Use the Arrow Power on the only arrow in the stage to access the lower right corner. Leave the right heart frame alone, and push the Emerald Frame between the two Heart Frames over to the left. Push the top Emerald Frame all the way to the left as well.
  4. Collect the left Heart Frame, and push the two middle Emerald Frames up and out of this corner of the screen, across the arrow tile. Use both frames to block the two Skulls on the left side of the stage.
  5. After both Skulls have been blocked by Emerald Frames (and the other Skull is blocked by the Snakey), go ahead and collect the last Heart Frame, then collect they key.