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Room 1
Original room: Eggerland: Departure to Creation, room 01
Introducing Snakey and Magic Shots.

This room is very easy, all you do is collect all of the hearts. The Snakeys are not dangerous, and after collecting the last heart, will go into panic mode and will move quicker.

The heart in the upper-left corner can be collected last, when you have the magic shots. Turn the Snakey into an egg, then hit him again to blow him away. Collect the last heart, then the jewel and then go to the door.

Password: PHPK[edit]

Room 2
New room!
Introducing Skull

The Skulls in this room will come alive and come after you when you grab the last heart. The trick is speed.

Collect the heart above Lolo. Follow the path and collect the other three hears. Hit the Snakey twice to blow it away, then collect the forth heart. Continue following the path to get the next heart. Then hit the Skull with 2 magic shots to blow it away. Quickly grab the last heart and get the jewel.

Password: PQPD[edit]

Room 3
Original room: Eggerland: Departure to Creation, room 08
Introducing Alma the Armadillo

Alma the Armadillo will kill Lolo if it touches him, so be careful. However, when you release it, it will go down a preplanned path, making it easy to trap it.

Collect the lower right heart first, then go up and collect the top heart. Go to the third heart and wait for Alma to pass you. when he does, quickly collect the heart and move out of the way, going down as son as you are able. The armadillo will move all the way to the right and down. Go to the emerald framer, and push it right as soon as Alma passes it, trapping it in the lower right corner.

Now go to the lower left corner. Move the left and right emerald framers up one. then the middle one one space to the right. Get the heart. Repeat the same pattern for the second row of emeralds. Then move up to the jewel box and get the last two hearts. Get the jewel and leave the level.

Password: PVPT[edit]

Room 4
Original room: Eggerland: Revival of the Labyrinth, room 40
Introducing sand and Leeper, the leaper-sleeper.

The trick in this room is to not let the Leepers trap you. As soon as they touch you, they fall asleep and can not be moved.

Move straight up from your position and grab the heart, then turn and walk left. The Leepers will catch you as you walk and fall asleep. Grab the other two hearts, then the jewel.

Password: PRPJ[edit]

Room 5
Original room: Eggerland: Departure to Creation, room 37
Introducing Medusa and Rocky

Rocky will stop if you are within three spaces of him, and will rush you to push you into danger. As soon as you step into Medusa's sight, they will shot an unavoidable "petrifying look" at you. The trick is to block them with eggs, emerald framers, or boulders. Trees will not block them.

Move up and get the first heart, then move both of the emerald blocks up one space. Get the two hearts on either side, being careful not to get trapped or rushed into danger by Rockies. Move the right emerald up against the right side of the right Medusa. Then move the one on the upper right above the same Medusa. Collect the heart and move the last emerald framer above the left Medusa. Grab the final heart, and then the jewel. Climb the stairs to floor two.