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Password: PKPH[edit]

Room 1
New room!
  1. Push the leftmost Emerald up and trap Don Medusa. Collect the upper-left Heart for two magic Shots, and the nearby Heart, too.
  2. Shoot Snakey once, push the egg in the water, and cross to the other side. Push the lower Emerald up, then right; push the second Emerald up, and the third Emerald right: Medusa's line of sight is now blocked in all directions. Collect the two hearts, and the Hammer power will be activated. Shoot Snakey once, push the egg in the water, and cross back to the left side.
  3. The hammer power should be used on the rock vertically below the left Medusa, but while Leeper is between said rock and Medusa. As soon as the rock is destroyed, move away! Let Leeper follow Lolo near the lower-left corner, where he can fall asleep.
  4. Push the remaining Emerald down, right, and up, so that it blocks Medusa's view. Collect the gem and exit.

Password: HPPP[edit]

Room 2
Original room: Eggerland: Revival of the Labyrinth, room 29

The room is divided by two "chambers".

  1. Start by walking into the left chamber, past the Emerald Frame. Collect all four Heart Frames until you are between two Emerald Frames. Push the top Emerald Frame up so that you block off access to the chamber.
  2. When the coast is clear, push the bottom Emerald Frame down and walk over to the right chamber. Once again, collect the four Heart Frames in the chamber until you are between two Emerald Frames near the top. Push the bottom one down in order to block off the chamber.
  3. At this point, you can stand near the bottom or the top, and wait for an opportunity to push one of the Emerald Frames aside so that you can escape from the chamber, and walk through the center corridor in order to collect the key.

Password: HHKK[edit]

Room 3
Original room: Adventures of Lolo (Japan), floor 6, room 5
  1. Pay attention to Don Medusa, and collect the three Hearts in the starting quarter. One of them has two Magic Shots.
  2. Push the lower Emerald across the bridge. Shoot the nearby Snakey once and, paying attention to Don Medusa, push the egg in the water, cross it, and push the Emerald one tile to the right. Lolo is now protected by the rock.
  3. Let us trap Don Medusa! Push the Emerald to the right, but still one tile away from the wall. Wait for Snakey to reappear. Shoot Snakey, push the egg right, then down in the water, cross and push the Emerald down, so to trap Don Medusa in the corner. Collect the Heart for two Magic Shots.
  4. Shoot Gol once and push it against Medusa.
  5. The next sequence must be done quickly, before the Snakey reappears! Shoot the nearby Snakey once, us the egg to cross and push the Emerald one tile left, then push it down against Medusa. Collect the last Heart and push the Emerald half tile to the right, so to block both Medusa and Gol. The Heart contained two Magic Shots: shoot Snakey once, push the egg right and cross the water before the othe Snakey reappears.
  6. Shoot the first Snakey once, push the egg left into the water and ride it to cross the larger pond. Collect the jewel and exit.

Password: HQKD[edit]

Room 4
Original room: Eggerland: Departure to Creation, room 34
  1. Move the two right-most Emerald Frames so that they sit to the left of, and below, the right Medusa. Collect the lower right Heart Frame.
  2. Stand above the two trees near the lower right, and push the Emerald Frame to the left. Push the one below it down and to the left so it blocks the left Medusa's view of the Heart Frame in the lower left corner. Collect that Heart Frame.
  3. Collect the lower Heart Frame surrounded by Emerald Frames for two egg shots. Push the one to the left into the trees, then push the one above you up one space. Then, collect the nearest Heart Frame.
  4. Stand below the left Snakey, shoot it once, and push it up one space. Collect the Heart Frame above the boulders.
  5. Walk over to the right Snakey, shoot it once, and push it up and to the right, below the treasure chest. Collect the last Heart Frame and the key.

Password: HVKT[edit]

Room 5
Original room: Eggerland: Revival of the Labyrinth, room East-2

The Heart Frames in the room are easily obtained. The real challenge of the room is to time your movements past the sight of the Medusa when the Leeper is bouncing in front of the Medusa so she cannot see you. You will find that it is easier to accomplish them when you wait for the Leeper to move with you, as opposed to moving in the opposite direction, but you can accomplish this task in either case. Once you collect the key, you will not have to worry about getting back out.