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Main menu[edit]

The game has 8 menu selections, the first one is Start Game, which will provide you with 3 game modes to choose from, the second one is Options which will allow the player to configure various things such as volume, controls, and effects, the third one is Help in which the player can choose to read on to know about how the game works, the fourth one is About which shows the current version and the people involved on making the game, Hall of Fame shows the local scoreboard which will be empty if nothing has been finished yet, the "Register" button will be greyed out when the player successfully registers for the Worldwide Leaderboards (which is dead as of now, the Worldwide Hall of Fame for this game is inaccessible), More Games will open the official site, and finally Exit closes the game.


Game interface
Game interface with weapons shown

When the game starts, the mission number will be shown on the top left, and your score will be shown on the top right, obtained ship replacement parts will be shown on the middle left, and your Armor and HP will be on the bottom right represented in blue bar for Armor and red bar for HP, your Primary Weapons will be shown on the middle top, and your Secondary Weapons will be shown on the bottom left, activated power-ups will be shown on the top right beside your score.



The character crashes on a certain planet called Rydon 7 due to an unknown force with pretty much no survivors aside from himself, his goal is to get out of the planet but he must collect 5 ship replacement parts before doing so, along the way he battles mutants and discovers a big, horrendous, and mysterious experiment within the planet where mutants are being artificially produced and it eventually spread out killing the inhabitants, some inhabitants are taken as well to be experimented with and they themselves also eventually became mutants, the character also gets extra weapons along the way.

Firing Range[edit]

When a biological disaster happened in the same planet "Rydon 7", this eventually became a planet used for training space commandos which is why this is called Firing Range, the goal of the character is to simply survive through the mutant horde and finish his mission until the last one, so he can be finally promoted to the military.


The game centers around killing mutants with primary and secondary weapons, the mutants have various characteristics and ways to give the character problems and difficulties, for more information please refer to the Mutants and Extra Enemies section.


There are 2 kinds of items in the game, predetermined items and temporary items, predetermined items are items that already exist in the level and no matter how long these items will remain unobtained, they will never disappear, while temporary items are items that were dropped by a Mutant after it was killed and it can disappear several seconds later so the player must obtain them immediately if needed, all power-ups and extra ammunition can either be a predetermined or temporary item, however ship replacement parts will always be predetermined, they will not disappear until the player has successfully obtained them.