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Ionian Expansion
Timeline 1400 B.C.
Starting Resources
  • 400 Wood
  • 400 Food
  • 400 Gold
  • 400 Stone
Starting Units
  • 5 Villagers
  • 4 Clubmen
  • 1 Town Center
  • 4 Houses
  • 1 Barracks
  • 1 Storage Pit
  • 1 Granary
  • 1 Market
New Units
New Enemy Units
  • Establish a Government Center on Ionia inside the flagged region


  • Find 3 Ruins
The Athenians have pushed back their neighbors and are one of the stronger palaces in Greece. The crops of Athens are now falling short of the demand for food, however. The city-state is in danger of falling into anarchy if new food sources are not found and if the population is not reduced. The ruling council is embarking on a bold plan to move people overseas to establish colonies. You are directed to establish a foothold on the eastern side of the Aegean Sea by placing a colony in Ionia.