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River Outpost
Timeline 1700 B.C.
Starting Resources
  • 400 Wood
  • 400 Food
Starting Units
  • 5 Villagers
  • 1 Town Center
  • 3 Houses
  • Granary
  • Storage Pit
New Units
  • None
New Enemy Units
  • None
  1. Locate the large Nile island.
  2. Build Town Center on island.
  3. Build two Guard Towers on island.
The power of our armies and religion has stabilized our frontiers for the time being. The Nubians to the south remain a threat, however, although subduing them is too expensive to consider. as an alternative, the pharaoh has ordered that a river outpost be placed on a strategic Nile River island to discourage Nubian raiders from coming down river. Locate the large island in the center of the river to the north and build a Town Center and two Guard Towers there.

Send 2 villagers to chop wood and two to gather berries. Use the food you have to make 4 villagers and have two of them build a dock and a market. Send the rest to chop trees. At the dock, make a couple of fishing boats and send them out to find fish. When the berry bushes run out, have those villagers build farms next to the granary. With all the wood you are getting, build a government center, then a temple, and upgrade to war galleys at the dock. Build 4 or 5 war galleys and have them scour the island and shoot down the watch towers on the coast. You don't have to get all of them, just the ones shooting distance from where you want to build the Town Center. Build a transport and have the war galleys clear the coast of nasty beasties, then bring over some villagers. Build a Town Center on the very southern tip. You'll have to mine stone here before you can build the watch tower. Build the watch towers next to the town hall. When they're built and you have the stone, upgrade to guard towers at the granary. When you have enough resources, upgrade to the Iron Age. Continue mining stone on the island until you have enough to upgrade the towers again at the granary. If you get really bored, you can build a bunch of war galleys and obliterate all life on the island, but it isn't strictly necessary.