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William Wallace 1: Marching and Fighting

William Wallace, a knight and Scottish patriot in the 13th century, takes command of the warriors of Scotland in an attempt to resist invasion of the better-equipped English armies. This campaign is a tutorial game, in which you can learn the basic gameplay features of Age of Empires II, such as collecting resources, building structures, training your armies and fighting your enemies with different units of various attributes. It is a good starting point even for those who have played the original Age of Empires. You can learn the new features of the sequel like garrisoning, defence stance, and formations from the Tutorial.

If you've played the original Age of Empires (or any similar real-time strategy game), it is recommended that you skip this level and begin at The Battle of Stirling. This level merely serves to acquaint a newcomer to the most remedial basics of the game and is pretty self-explanatory. After a brief talk about Scotland and the impending invasion of Edward Longshanks, the level will begin. Simply select your lone Militia and follow the flags as the narrator commands. After the fourth flag, you will be given some reinforcements. Continue to follow the flags and you will reach an English outpost. Right click to order the selected troops to attack. This is easy as the outpost can't fight back. Once it's destroyed, proceed northwest and you will reach your village. The English will send a trio of Militia to attack you. Just attack them with all your units and you'll beat them. End of level.