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With the Chinese and Japanese, the Mongols are one of the civilizations belonging to the East Asian culture. The Mongols' major advantage are their strong Cavalry Archers and fast siege weapons.

Civilization Bonuses: Cavalry Archers and Mangudai fire 20% faster
Light Cavalry have 30% more HP
Hunters work 50% faster
Team Bonus: Light cavalry have +2 line of sight

Their unique unit is the Magundai, a special cavalary archer that runs and shoot faster. They are the best at raiding the town centers of enemies and engage in hit-and-run battles with slower units. When the mangudai is uppgraded to elite status they have 0 missile delay. This makes them probably the best units for hit and run tactics.

Guide for Using the Mongols[edit]

By Imperial Age, fully upgraded Mangudai and Cavalry Archers have a large enough range that they can be set as "Stand Ground", so they are easier to control and do not run into enemy fire. You should still beware of enemy onagers. This is not as effective in earlier ages, as weaker units (such as skirmishers and onagers) can outrange them.The Mangudai is like all archers most effective when used in large masses. When they are fully uppgraded a group of 36 can one shot a fully upgraded paladin with 180 hp!

The Mongols also have access to powerful siege weapons. They can upgrade them fully but they lack bombard cannons. With their unique technology Drills the siege workshop units move 50% faster. This makes the Mongol army very mobile. It is especially usefull for the siege ram.

The Mongols light cavalry gain 30% extra hp but they lack Plate Barding Armor. The light cavalry is good as a "meat shields" or to do suicide kills on enemy siege. They are also great at raiding villagers.