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Campaign Difficulty[edit]

This level is basically another pushover. But it has some enemies.


The objective of this campaign is to research to the feudal age. Then you have to stop a raid by the British.


Unit Name Type Quantity
Villagers Non-Military 8
Militia Infantry 8


The main objective is to reach the feudal age. Hence send two of your villagers to cut wood and the rest of the villagers should forage in the berry bush.
After sometime the narrator will ask you to build a mill. When he tells you to build a mill send one of the villagers foraging to build a mill near the site of the berry bush. Command your other villagers to hunt the sheep or the wild deer. Make your militia ready for a sneak attack by the British.
When the attackers eventually show up ring the bell of the town center. Wipe out the attack partybwith your Militia.Finally you should have reached the Feudal Age. As soon as you advance to this age upgrade you militia.
After another raid by the British you should win the game.