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With the Goths and Vikings, the Teutons are one of the civilizations belonging to the Eastern and Northern European culture. Their major advantage is their economy, defensive technologies, and their extremely strong unique unit. Their towers and town centers have attack bonus, their monks heal your units faster, and their farms cost 33% less. Their unique unit is the Teutonic Knight, arguably the strongest infantry unit. They have double the HP and attack of most other units, and cost almost twice as much too. They are extremely slow but almost invulnerable to most attacks.

Guide for Using the Teutons[edit]

The first thing most people notice about the Teutons are the Teutonic knights. They are infantry units with an incredible amount of armor. However, they are also very slow, and even with all that armor they can be very vulnerable to ranged units and monks simply because it takes so long to reach your enemies not to mention that retreat is out of the question. They can be useful in certain situations, but more often than not they tend to die needlessly.

Your monks have double the regular healing range. This can be useful but rarely makes a significant difference in the long run.

The real strength of the Teutons is in their castles. Fully upgraded, a Teuton castle can out-range even the British longbowmen. Not only this but Crenelations, their unique technology, allows all garrisoned infantry to fire out of castles. This means that your castles will have a much higher range and attack than any others on the map. Not to mention murder holes are free.

Your towers also benefit from crenelations, allowing garrisoned infantry to fire out of them, and since they allow twice the garrison of other civilizations, this can be quite an advantage as well.

Overall, you will be a defensive powerhouse. The only thing that you are weak against is the trebuchet. However, since the Teutons have access to paladins, it is wise to focus on creating a powerful cavalry and using its mobility to take out enemy trebuchets. Using your cavalry for hit and run attacks is also useful for luring enemies into range of your castles.