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Barbarian Hordes feast on a dying Roman empire. The most dangerous of these invaders are the Huns and their ferocious king, Attila. After pouring out of the Caspian Steppes, looting and burning all the while, the Huns become so powerful that the Roman empire is forced to pay a tribute to Attila. But the king of the Huns is still not satisfied, and he mobilizes his horsemen to invade Gaul and eventually Rome itself! Can nothing stop the brutal Attila?

Much as the Huns are a rushing civilization in random maps and Deathmatch, much of the campaign is best completed or mitigated by all-out attack. Light defenses don't slow the Huns down much and they don't have much of their own beyond castles.


  1. Scourge of God
  2. The Great Ride
  3. Walls of Constantinople
  4. A Barbarian Betrothal
  5. Catalaunian Fields
  6. Fall of Rome


Fully revealed high resolution maps for every mission of Attila the Hun campaign are available on the Steam website.