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  1. Defeat the Tlaxcala, the Spanish Army and the Spanish Navy.


Available on the Steam website.


Assign your Villagers to mine gold, gather food and wood.

Build a Trebuchet and send it as soon as possible to destroy the Spanish Army (pink) Town center to the West. It will defeat them.

Build a Transport Ship and send it to the northern corner of the map. You will discover there 3 Elite Turtle Ships that will join your army. Send the Turtle Ships to the southern bridge as soon as the eastern bridge is destroyed, and send the Transport Ship near the Castles, in the north of Tenochtitlan.

Build 5-6 Petards and board them on the Transport, send him to the South of the eastern bridge. Be careful of the Spanish Navy (blue) on the way. Disembark your Petards and send them to destroy the Spanish Navy Town Center. There is a Bombard Tower that will shoot at you, zig-zag to avoid its bullets. Destroying the Town Center will defeat the Spanish Navy.

Build 2-3 more Trebuchets and train 20-30 Crossbowmen to protect them, add your monks to that squad and send them to destroy Tlaxcala's (red) buildings to the South. They should stay in the Turtle Ships range to be protected by them.

When Tlaxcala's most important buildings will be destroyed, you'll win the mission.


  • There are 3 Elite Turtle Ships that may join your army. They are located in the nothern corner of the map. They are somewhat like Cannon Galleons, with a shorter fire range.
  • The Spanish Army and Navy can be defeated by just destroying their Town Centers.
  • Researching Chemistry in University and Arbalest in Archery Range will improve your projectile damage.