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Spain is divided between Christian kingdoms to the north and Moorish kingdoms to the south. In the barren borderlands of Castille, Rodrigo Diaz, called El Cid, gains notoriety as a brilliant general and heroic crusader. The Cid is so popular among soldier and peasant alike that the distrustful King of Castille sends him into exile. The Cid must join forces with his former enemies, the Moors, and fight against his beloved Castille. But an even greater threat waits across the sea in Africa, where fanatical Berber horsemen are eager to seize what the Moors could not.


  1. Brother against Brother
  2. The Enemy of my Enemy
  3. The Exile of the Cid
  4. Black Guards
  5. King of Valencia
  6. Reconquista


Fully revealed high resolution maps for every mission of El Cid campaign are available on the Steam website.