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  1. Defeat Milan, Padua, Verona, and Aquileia.
  2. Bring Attila to the Gates of Rome to meet with Pope Leo I.


Available on the Steam website.


Start by upgrading to elite Tarkan then send you villagers to work.

There are three cities close your starting base:

Milan (Green/Teutons) is on the Southern coast.

Padua (Purple/Britons) is in the center of the map closest to your castle.

Aquileia (Red/Celts) is in the Northern corner on the coast.

Padua has started building a wonder and you need to take it out. Send you army to the northern (closest) gate of Padua and arrange them into a defensive position. Your trebuchets can take out the towers and the gate. Your heavy cavalry archers can mow down the longbowmen, and your Tarkans can take care of the onagers and trebuchets. This will prove useful when facing Padua's Army. Now when you take out the army make sure the Trebuchets signal the army of Padua to that location (northern Gate). Take out the towers and gates and move in for the kill. Padua will not be defeated because they have a town center in Verona.

Then Aquileia will start building their own wonder. Make sure you have researched Atheism. Then build a castle near the city send your army to defend the castle and build a army in your base. Trebuchets are not useful when being attack by scorpions so Cavalry Archers are needed in taking them out quickly. Siege the city when you have finished making your army. Target the Gates so that you Tarkans will quickly get in and do a quick kill on those siege units then finish Aquileia. Devastate the Entire City Completely then turn you attention to Milan.

Milan is pretty well defended other than on the Barbarossa Campaign. Now start by luring Milan's army out of the City and Destroy the army. Onagers are Completely Dangerous to the cavalry archers so use only a few, send your Trebuchets to knock out the Gate and the Towers then start devastating Milan. This is pretty easy anyway turn your attention to Verona and Padua.

Verona is Franks so they are well defended at the north gate so attack from the East wall using your Trebuchets. Now make a diversion with a small group and attack the gate and make sure to build a Castle there first. When you make a opening in east wall send all your cavalry and make a great havoc on the city. Then when Verona and Padua are Defeated. Pope Leo I Appears out of nowhere and wishes to speak with Attila, so send Attila to Rome and the Mission is Done!


  • All your enemies will build a wonder so research Atheism early so you won't have to worry about them.