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  1. El Cid must survive.
  2. El Cid must once again find a new city in which to live.
  3. Defend Denia from Count Berenguer. (note: it is impossible and lead to #4)
  4. El Cid must flee and establish a new base.
  5. Defend Valencia from Berenguer until the wonder is completed.


Available on the Steam website.


El Cid begins in the Western corner of the Map.

Pass the river to the East, kill the 3 Berenguer's soldiers (violet) and enter the city of Denia (green). You will recruit 4 Skirmishers and 3 Longswordsmen there, along with 4 Villagers. Take them all to the South gate and pass the bridge.

After the bridge, you'll find 4 Knights of Lérida that will join you. Send one to the North where you will find a Temple and 2 Missionaries.

Go to the Southern corner of the map, where you'll meet 3 Camels, and 4 more Villagers a bit North on the coast.

Bring all your army to Valencia in the middle of the map, there you'll be said that you have to protect the Wonder that is being built.

You have nothing to do but destroy the siege weapons of Berenguer before they reach the Wonder, that will be built in about 40 minutes.


  • Berenguer's army and siege weapons can be blocked easily by building doors between the border of the map and the river, in the North of Denia, and in front of Berenguer's doors. Doors do not need to be finished to block.
  • The gate in front of Valencia's Castle can be destroyed to draw in Berenguer's army that will be killed by the Castle.
  • It is quite useless to research technologies as the Wonder will be finished fast.