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  1. Defeat the Tlaxcalans.
  2. Protect Tabasco. (note: it is useless as they'll eventually be destroyed anyway)
  3. Capture 20 Spanish horses and return them to the flagged pen in the Aztec camp.
  4. OR Defeat the Spanish.


Available on the Steam website.


Leave alone Tlaxcala (red) at the beginning and concentrate on getting the 20 horses needed to beat the Spanish (blue).

You have 6 Villagers at start. Send them immediatly gathering Stone in the North of your Town Center and send your Eagle Warrior kill the Jaguar on the road a bit more North.

Train 4 villagers in your town center and send them chopping wood just near it.

Send one of the Villagers to the North of Tabasco's (orange) Town Center (in the middle of the Berry Bushes). When he'll arrive there, make him build a Monastery and train Monks.

When the building of the Monastery is launched, you do not need more wood, so send your Lumberjacks to the North-West of your town center to mine gold.

When you have 650 stone, build a Castle in the little peninsula in the East of Tabasco's Town Center and send your Stone Miners gathering food in the farms surrounding your Town Center. When the Castle is built, make it destroy the Wooden Fence on the other side of the river and avoid killing Horses at all cost.

Build also Petards when you have enough Food and Gold. Garrison them inside the Castle in safety. You'll need 10 of them later (but build a bit more in case of they get killed on their way).

When your Monks are ready, send them to the river to the East and convert the incomming Cannon Galleons (keep your monks as close as possible to them to avoid them getting killed). You should eventually get 3 of them. Destroy the incomming Siege Rams and other enemy troops with the Cannon Galleons.

When you have your 3 Cannon Galleons, leave one in the bay South of your Castle to protect the area and send the remaining two in the river to the East. Destroy the Spanish Towers and Castle on the way, and the wooden fences around horses (there are 3 pens along the river, for a total of 4 with the one near Tabasco). If you come close to them with your ships, they should be converted to your colour. If not, you have to send someone on foot to convert them.

You should get a total of 24 horses, send them all to the pen in the West of your village. As soon as 20 will enter it, the Spanish will be defeated.

When you have 10-12 petards ready, send them to the southwestern edge of the map, near the shallows (it is the path to the Tlaxcalan Town Centers that are the least protected by towers). Send 5-6 Petards destroy the two town centers and finally win the mission.


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