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  1. Defeat the three armies of Yusuf so that Valencia will remain free.
  2. The body of El Cid (near the Castle) must come to no harm, lest the people of Valencia realize they have lost their leader.


Available on the Steam website.


You have to defeat the three Moorish armies to win.

Build an University, then research Chemistery as soon as possible. When it is done, research Cannon Galleon in the Port and build a fleet of these warships to send them destroying the Black Guard Navy (yellow) Ports on the other side of the sea. lets your warships guard every point of the coast to avoid the Black Guard Navy building Ports and a navy.

While preparing your Cannon Galleons, raid Yusuf's buildings to the Northwest. Put all you infantry inside the Siege Rams (6 soldiers per ram) and send them destroy Yusuf's Castle first while your Knights and Camels destroy the other buildings around.

When it is done, head north to destroy the remaining green buildings, then go to the south to destroy the Black Guard Army (yellow) buildings and troops.

When the West side of the sea is cleaned, you can go destroy the remaining forces of the Black Guard Navy on the Eastern shore.


  • The gate in front of Valencia's Castle can be destroyed to draw in Yusuf and Black Guard armies that will be killed by the Castle.
  • There are not many resources inside Valencia, so send Villagers outside of the city to gather more.