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  1. Defeat the Tlaxcalans and Spanish.
  2. OPTIONAL: Bringing captured Spanish units to the palza (inside the torches) will allow you to create new units.
    • Bringing horses will create cavalry.
    • Bringing Trade Carts full of gunpowder will create Bombards.


Available on the Steam website.


Bring back your troops inside your city and build 5 Petards.

Make your Villagers build a Siege Workshop, a Market and a Blacksmith (there is some space South-East of your southern Town Center and also around your northern Town Center), then send them gathering food and wood. Create also as many Villagers as possible.

Research Bracer as soon as possible to improve the damage made by your arrows.

Train a Siege Ram and a Transport ship. Board the Petards and the Siege Ram on the Transport Ship and head to the northern point of the coast you see on the western shore of the lake.

When unboarded, head North following the edge of the map, with the Siege Ram in front to take the arrows in place of the Petards. You'll pass a Spanish Castle (blue) then reach their Town Center. Destroy it with you Petards (be careful, Trebuchets will try to fire at you). This will defeat the Spanish.

Buy stone until you have 650 and take a big group of villagers to build a Castle next to the shore, East of Tlaxcala Town Center. You can send your navy in the vincity to help and garrison soldiers in the Castle to improve its attack (up to 20 people). Destroy the incomming enemy forces then build a Trebuchet (you can sell food or wood if you do not have enough gold).

Destroy Tlaxcala's Castle and Town Center with your Trebuchet to win the mission.


  • The entire surface of the lake is covered with shallows, it makes attack easy but defense quite difficult.