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You start with 4 Villagers and a handful of cavalry and archers. Set up a town hall and start collecting wood and food from farms. You will find gold just west of the start point just off a cliff and Motamid will later let you know about a stone quarry down in the southeast corner. There are also some stones in the northeast of this quarry and a big gold mine more east, in the mountains by the lake. Resources seem to be sparse on this mission. Fish can be fished from the lake in the northern most corner and there are a few sheep about too, in the middle of the map.

Once you are set up, you will find a transport ship waiting for you on the lake, get on it and travel north to the island where you will find the Monk (Imam). He will tell you that you need to collect all four relics and bring them to him for him to restore peace within the city. The Relic locations will become visible.

You will obviously need some monks for this part. You're best capturing all four at once, so 4 Monks are needed. If you return them one at a time the Moorish rebels (green) will start to attack you. If all four relics are returned at once you will win without them attacking you.


  • A good thing is to send a villager to the eastern stone quarry as soon as possible and build a town center there, so you can gather a lot of stone quickly.
  • After having enough stone, you can build walls to block the bridges and the northern shallows on the river. Like this you will avoid enemy units and battering rams comming to your town center.
  • Researching Stone Mining is not really necessary as there are only a few stones around.
  • If you manage to have a scout or a knight reaching the southern castle, make him destroy the wooden fence. Shortly after, an enemy monk will bring the relic back to one of the monasteries in the center of Toledo, so you won't have to deal with this castle.
  • This mission doesn't really need siege weapons (in Standard mode at least). By using the tip above and bringing your knights to the monasteries (the doors will open as they are owned by Toledo, an ally), you can get rid of the monks and destroy the monasteries to get the relics. Then go destroy the fence around the monk to the east and kill him to get the last relic. This will only make a few enemy knights come.
  • Be careful not to lose the transport ship, as it will be needed to bring the monks carrying relics to the island. Otherwise, you'll have to build a port and a new transport.