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Difficulty Level: Titan

"Kamos the Minotaur has taken the stolen Atlantis trident to his island base. But Arkantos is about to descend to make him pay for his crime."

Key Strategies:

  • Build a couple of houses immediately upon the start of the game so your population limit will not be reached.
  • Immediately attack the Watchtower guarding your Gold Mine with a couple of villagers, Arkantos and the horseman. Leave your Archers behind to fight later battles.
  • Place upgraded Watchtowers to the north, south and west of your town. You will be attacked a few times before they are completed. Garrison your workers while fighting off these attacks with Arkantos and your Archers and your survival is pretty much guaranteed.

Things already begin to get tricky on Level 2. The first task to overcome is the fact the local gold mine is guarded by an enemy tower. Not good!

If you keep on the ball and keep your economy moving, you should be able to fortify your town and survive the first few attacks. After that, it is a matter of grinding out an attack on the enemy town and hunting down Kamos the Minotaur.

Build a house or two and queue up at least five more workers. Keep them coming later as you get a chance, five at a time. Don't be shy!

Send Arkantos, your Scout and two workers to destroy the Watchtower above your Gold Mine. Come back to town and keep your economy growing.

Don't forget to build a Temple as soon as possible. This is necessary so you can advance to the Classical Age. You can't build Farms or build Watchtowers until you reach this age, so it's very important.

One glitchy thing about this level, though, is even after you queue up the Classical Age, it doesn't start "researching this age" for a while. Just be patient and it will begin soon enough.

Don't forget to have a few workers worship at the Temple so you will be able to recruit Cyclops in the near future.

Before you can finish building Watchtowers in the Classical Age, you will be attacked multiple times. Just continue to garrison your workers and slug it out with Arkantos, your archers and any other units you are able to recruit. Theseus is available at the Town Center and a Cyclops can also lend a hand.

Don't despair. Build and upgrade a Watchtower north of town, south of town and to the west and you will be pretty much set. Garrison your Toxote archers north of town, and you can pretty much relax and start building your army to maximum advantage before attacking the Minotaur's town center.

Don't forget to research your upgrades, including at the Granary.

Just use reasonable caution when attacking the Town Center as the resistance will be reasonably fierce and your units may be overwhelmed, leaving your own Town Center open to attack.

A suggestion is to build a number of Watchtowers close to the enemy base to allow your units to fall back to relative safety. Build enough houses to reach your maximum population limit of 125.

It is only possible to advance to the Classical Age, so your unit options will be somewhat limited. Your first few advances will probably be rebuffed, so be prepared. Try to lure enemy units toward your Watchtowers filled with Toxotes to help put the odds in your favor.

Destroy the Town Center to flush out Kamos. Chase him up the hill, attack him and the mission will be accomplished.

This mission is a nice warmup for things to come! Enjoy!